We Did It! Thanks to All My Backers



What a TRIP! Thanks to all my Borgie pals for making this happen. Final total $20,776. DECENT! I can work with that.

Really touched by all of your generous pledges, your help in getting the word out, and all of the general good vibes I’ve enjoyed over the past 30 days. It means a lot.

I’ll be continuing to update you all from time to time here and will also have my Sparks of Fire Press site up soon. In the meantime, I’ll be here on my blog, and on twitter @garethb2. And hopefully next week, I’ll send out the survey where we’ll be settling up on the extra pledge rewards you may have kicked in for.

Credit Card Processing

The credit card message you’ll get from Amazon has “Kevin Maloof” as the recipient. That’s ME! That’s my *real* name. Shhhh… Only my mother, the IRS, and now YOU know my secret identity. Please don’t let Lex Luthor know.

Love and hydraulic fluid to you all,


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