Teaser Table of Contents

Here is a taste of what will be included in the book:

  • Chapter Zero: The Launch Party – The story about the night before I left my home town and began to live my life in earnest
  • The Lemon Song – In which I discover the magical shape of a woman’s thighs and the true mean of rock n’ roll
  • Operation Mindfuck – How Robert Anton Wilson discovered me and what he did to me when he found me
  • By This River – I meet the woman of my dreams, by a river of music, in a universe next door
  • Radio Days of Cyberspace – The night I leaked out into cyberspace and caught a glimpse of our future there
  • Journey to Kooktopia – Mark Frauenfelder and I survey far-out realms in the land of the tinfoil hats
  • The Sandwich Mailed ‘Round the World – I chain-letter mail a foam rubber B.L.T. (long story) to artists around the world and it comes back one year later, stuffed with awesome
  • This Shit Doesn’t Stink, It Exceeds the Odor Threshold – A playful look at double-speak
  • Captain, Please, Not in Front of the Klingons – In which I take an unashamed peek (OK, maybe a little blushing) at erotic sci-fi fan fiction
  • In the Laboratory of Language – My 12 years as the Jargon Watch editor of Wired
  • Mein Fuhrer, I Can Walk! – Confined to a wheel chair, I go to a costume party as Dr. Strangelove and am miraculously healed by music and dance
  • Tears in the Rain – The night I saw Blade Runner and molted into someone else on the way home
  • The Post-Industrial Manifesto – After a night of dark dervish dancing at a gothic-industrial club, I pen a breathless manifesto for techno-culture
  • The Internet is Punk Rock! – The “While You Were Out” message you never expect: “Billy Idol called. He wants to use something you wrote as lyrics on his next record.”
  • Borg Like Me – My hip dies. I need a new one. Cobalt-chrome, titanium, irradiated cross-liked polymers, and a badass surgeon with a bone saw to the rescue!
  • MAKE vs. The Blob – I experience my first Maker Faire and have an epiphany about the importance of what the maker movement may mean to cultural change
  • A VCR Was Harmed in the Making of this Article – In a fit of frustration, I go Medieval on the family VCR and it ends up on the cover of MAKE
  • Seek Ye the Hilaritas! – On the Roman virtue of being “profoundly good natured”
  • The White Goddess – My ode to the the poetic stillness of profound beauty
  • Bread of the Snowpocalypse – I get seriously snowed in, and using disturbingly old, stale ingredients, bake the most satisfying bread of my life
  • William Blake, Zine Publisher – A look at William Blake as a “patron saint of makers”
  • Darkside Rocketeer – A profile of self-taught chemist, aerospace engineer, and father of American rocketry, Jack Parsons
  • Mechanical Animism – Exploring found object art, “post-industrial surrealism,” and the leaky margins between the born and the made
  • Down the Rabbit Hole with the World’s Smallest Postal Service – What happens when I get Lilliputian mail and reminisce about the time I found a magical rabbit hole inside a tree in my yard (and I hadn’t ingested anything funny)
  • Building Spaceships Out of Fives and Sixes – In doing research for a novel, I rediscover a ritual from my pagan youth and use it to escape the terror of pending open heart surgery
  • Boating the Abyss – After getting a bad blood transfusion, I go certifiably bonkers for a week and think I’m living inside of a Philip K. Dick novel. It’s a long road out of Hell, but I return, learning a lot about myself (and perhaps something about the nature of reality and madness) in the process.
  • You’re ON! – How a touching reminiscence about my late wife with members of Thievery Corporation almost makes them miss their big encore

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