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Please help me get the word out on Borg Like Me. Since this is a crowdfunded/self-published project, all of the PR rests on me. I’d be ever so grateful if you’d help me spread the word. Tell your friends about the book, buy copies to hand out, send my press materials to anyone you think might be interested in covering it, share links of your blog or social media.

Front Cover (high res)

Back Cover (high res)

Author reading two essays from the book:

Chapter Zero: The Launch Party (

Tears in the Rain (

Published excerpts:

Borg Like Me (title essay on Boing Boing)

A VCR Was Harmed in the Making of This Article (on MAKE)

Tweet Line:
Read Borg Like Me, @garethb2’s smart, passionate, intense trip along the bleeding edges of art, tech, and culture.

What others are saying:

“Borg Like Me is a song of hope.” – Casey Rae, Future of Music Coalition

“Borg Like Me is fantastic!” – RU Sirius (countercultural iconoclast and Mondo 2000 founder)

“Amazing” – Mark Frauenfelder – (Boing Boing founder)

“If it wasn’t for your early writing… I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to do the stuff I’m doing.” -Tom Igoe (co-creator of the Arduino microcontroller and beloved NYU/TISCH professor)

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