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Borg Like Me is a comprehensive collection of cyberculture pioneer Gareth Branwyn’s best work, covering everything from his youth in a hippie commune to his involvement in the 90s zine publishing scene, to his tenure at influential cyber arts and culture mags Mondo 2000, bOING bOING, and Wired, and his eight years with MAKE, spearheading the growing maker movement. Previously published material is woven throughout with Branwyn’s painfully honest commentary and personal stories, and there are also many original pieces. The book is beautifully illustrated with over thirty drawings, photos, and other artworks, from such talented artists as Shannon Wheeler, John Bergin, (Academy Award-winning) Stéphane Halleux, Danny Hellman, Terri Weifenbach, Mark Frauenfelder, Lea Redmond, Greg Brotherton, and Jeremy Mayer.

Borg Like Me is a smart, passionate, intense trip along the bleeding edges of the art, technology, and culture at the turn of the 21st century.

BLM_ProductShot_Front_Black_250For $30, you get the print paperback edition, postage-paid. You also get an autographed Sparks of Fire Press bookplate designed by Blake Maloof (artist, game designer, project manager on this book, and my beloved son) and a bookmark featuring art from the book. Each order also comes in a Sparks of Fire Press mail art mailer decorated with custom-made rubber stamps. From the order form, you can also increase your desired number of copies, if you want more than one. For international orders, there’s a $12/book shipping charge (it’s a heavy book). Please use the International Orders button.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Between now and the end of the year, when you buy the first copy at full price, you can add additional copies at only $15 ($28 foreign). Half off! You also get a free gift of a Sparks of Fire Press “Artistic License” (for every book ordered) sent in a mail art envelope. Now you’ll never be without the permission you need to let your creative juices exceed culturally-imposed limits. You’ll be LICENSED!

Here’s a video page-through of the Sparks of Fire Press edition of Borg Like Me (postpaid book (domestic), with bookplate, mini bookmark, and mail art envelope):

$30 postpaid (First Copy)

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BLM_ProductShot_iPad_BlackThe digital edition is available in three formats: PDF, MOBI (compatible with Kindle readers), and EPUB (compatible with iBook and Nook). Please select the desired format from the pull-down before you hit the Add to Cart button. From the order form, you can also increase your desired number of copies.

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Borg Like Me: The Eros Part

For $85, you get the print paperback edition, postage paid, plus an autographed, tipped-in art bookplate, designed by Blake Maloof, and a copy of the digital edition. You also get a special PDF ebook and print chapbook, The Eros Part, which includes Gareth’s additional writings on love, sex, and the care and feeding of muses. Please select the desired digital format (for Borg Like Me) from the pull-down before you hit the order button. From the order form, you can also increase your desired number of copies. For international orders, there’s a $12/book shipping charge. Please use the International Orders button.

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The Borg Like Me Chapbook Series

Tears in the Rain – Borg Like Me Chapbook #2

printedCoversThe second release in the Borg Like Me chapbook series, Tears in the Rain, is a gorgeous 20-page book with color cover art by John Bergin. It contains three essays from the Borg Like Me collection, including the two essays that Gareth read at SXSW (to rousing applause).

$6 Postpaid (US/CND)

$9 Postpaid (Foreign Orders)

Gareth’s Tips on Sucks-Less Writing – Borg Like Me Chapbook #1

suckLessPressesNow you can buy a beautiful 20-page chapbook version (the first in a series) of the newly-revised “Gareth’s Tips on Sucks-Less Writing” excerpted from “Borg Like Me.” This version has even more than what appears in the book. And it’s in a handy dead tree edition that you can keep next to your computer or writing desk for reference.

“…[L]oaded with excellent advice for writers. I’ve learned a great deal about writing and editing from Gareth. He’s a terrific writer and a terrific teacher.”
– Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing

“…[A] handy guide for writers of all kinds… There is a lot of advice floating around…Gareth’s Tips brings together some of the best.”
– Roy Christopher

$6 postpaid (US/CND)

$9 postpaid (International Orders)

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