Sparks of Fire Press Bookplate Being Letterpress Printed

Just got this video of my new Sparks of Fire Press bookplate being printed by the wonderful Fran and Jen of Zeichen Press. Can’t wait to see the plates in person!

These plates, inscribed by me, were offered as a premium for the Kickstarter campaign for my book, Borg Like Me. You can still get the book and plate, here on Sparks of Fire, and get free shipping and a free copy of the ebook version ($15 value).

Teaser Table of Contents

Here is a taste of what will be included in the book:

  • Chapter Zero: The Launch Party – The story about the night before I left my home town and began to live my life in earnest
  • The Lemon Song – In which I discover the magical shape of a woman’s thighs and the true mean of rock n’ roll
  • Operation Mindfuck – How Robert Anton Wilson discovered me and what he did to me when he found me
  • By This River – I meet the woman of my dreams, by a river of music, in a universe next door
  • Radio Days of Cyberspace – The night I leaked out into cyberspace and caught a glimpse of our future there
  • Journey to Kooktopia – Mark Frauenfelder and I survey far-out realms in the land of the tinfoil hats
  • The Sandwich Mailed ‘Round the World – I chain-letter mail a foam rubber B.L.T. (long story) to artists around the world and it comes back one year later, stuffed with awesome
  • This Shit Doesn’t Stink, It Exceeds the Odor Threshold – A playful look at double-speak
  • Captain, Please, Not in Front of the Klingons – In which I take an unashamed peek (OK, maybe a little blushing) at erotic sci-fi fan fiction
  • In the Laboratory of Language – My 12 years as the Jargon Watch editor of Wired
  • Mein Fuhrer, I Can Walk! – Confined to a wheel chair, I go to a costume party as Dr. Strangelove and am miraculously healed by music and dance
  • Tears in the Rain – The night I saw Blade Runner and molted into someone else on the way home
  • The Post-Industrial Manifesto – After a night of dark dervish dancing at a gothic-industrial club, I pen a breathless manifesto for techno-culture
  • The Internet is Punk Rock! – The “While You Were Out” message you never expect: “Billy Idol called. He wants to use something you wrote as lyrics on his next record.”
  • Borg Like Me – My hip dies. I need a new one. Cobalt-chrome, titanium, irradiated cross-liked polymers, and a badass surgeon with a bone saw to the rescue!
  • MAKE vs. The Blob – I experience my first Maker Faire and have an epiphany about the importance of what the maker movement may mean to cultural change
  • A VCR Was Harmed in the Making of this Article – In a fit of frustration, I go Medieval on the family VCR and it ends up on the cover of MAKE
  • Seek Ye the Hilaritas! – On the Roman virtue of being “profoundly good natured”
  • The White Goddess – My ode to the the poetic stillness of profound beauty
  • Bread of the Snowpocalypse – I get seriously snowed in, and using disturbingly old, stale ingredients, bake the most satisfying bread of my life
  • William Blake, Zine Publisher – A look at William Blake as a “patron saint of makers”
  • Darkside Rocketeer – A profile of self-taught chemist, aerospace engineer, and father of American rocketry, Jack Parsons
  • Mechanical Animism – Exploring found object art, “post-industrial surrealism,” and the leaky margins between the born and the made
  • Down the Rabbit Hole with the World’s Smallest Postal Service – What happens when I get Lilliputian mail and reminisce about the time I found a magical rabbit hole inside a tree in my yard (and I hadn’t ingested anything funny)
  • Building Spaceships Out of Fives and Sixes – In doing research for a novel, I rediscover a ritual from my pagan youth and use it to escape the terror of pending open heart surgery
  • Boating the Abyss – After getting a bad blood transfusion, I go certifiably bonkers for a week and think I’m living inside of a Philip K. Dick novel. It’s a long road out of Hell, but I return, learning a lot about myself (and perhaps something about the nature of reality and madness) in the process.
  • You’re ON! – How a touching reminiscence about my late wife with members of Thievery Corporation almost makes them miss their big encore