Gareth Branwyn by Danny Hellman

Sparks of Fire Press is the publishing imprint of Gareth Branwyn. Gareth writes:

I came of of age in a hippie commune, I worked as a printer, artist, and author in underground and zine publishing and I’ve been on the Internet since before it had a name. I wrote the first book about the Web (Mosaic Quick Tour), was a founding column editor for Wired (Jargon Watch), an editor at bOING bOING (when it was a print magazine) and a section editor for Mondo 2000. Most recently, I was the Editorial Director of MAKE before returning to freelancing. I was married to the late Pam Bricker (jazz musician and member of Thievery Corporation) and helped her self-publish much of her own music. I was also the Assistant Director of Patch Adams’ Gesundheit Institute for ten years. I’ve done a lot of living n’ loving in my 50+ years (never you mind the hard number) and I’ve been taking notes this entire time. Sparks of Fire Press is my attempt at sharing some of my thoughts and experiences of that journey.

[Image inset by Danny Hellman]

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